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We had the lovely opportunity to talk with the members of Glamscure and dive into their dark and romantic world. 

Can you introduce yourselves to the readers of Summon the Roses?

Chaos: Hi this is Chaos, proud member of Glamscure.
Harui: Harui. I play guitar, write songs and propose various ideas too (laughs).
Inori: I am Inori, the resident of darkness.

How would you describe Glamscure’s world? Does each member represent something in particular?

Harui: Dramatic and romantic.
Chaos: Glamscure’s world is usually moody and dark but also brings back the good catchy melodies of the past. We try to do what we like and put some of our personal taste into it as well. I don’t think each member is representing something individually, but I should say that each individual member’s experience and taste is reflected into our music and visuals. Each of us is playing an important role in that sense.
Inori: Everybody’s heart is affected by different kinds of darkness. We would like to explore about the shadows that are born from the light.

What is the meaning behind your band name? How did you decide on that band name?

Harui: It comes from the words glamorous and obscure

Your first album, “shadowscapes”, was release last April. If you were to advise a single song in this album, which one would it be and why?

Chaos: I keep changing my answer every week but the first song “Haiiro no sora, siren no koe” is one of my favorites. I think it’s a good track to start with,
Harui: “Haru ga owaru koro”, because this song has a special meaning for me.から
Inori: My current favorite is “Kakusei to Psyche”. This song also has a music video which is featured in the limited edition of the album. It was our very first video-clip so it has a special meaning for me.




Tell us about your new video, “Kakusei to Psyche”. What’s the meaning of that song and video?

Harui: Ehehehe...
Chaos: The meaning of the song is tied to a traumatic experience in my life. In the video I play a noblewoman who is confined in her mansion with her husband and butler. More than telling a concrete story I tried to visually reconstruct the main feelings of the lyrics. I had some more episodes in mind but unfortunately could not make it due to time constrictions..
Inori: You might need to watch the video many times to understand its meaning. Buying the CD and looking at the lyrics and artwork might help as well (laughs).

What feelings do you want to bring in people who listen to your music?

Chaos: My objective is to have people relate what the song is about to their own personal life and experiences. It really depends on the song and lyrics but definitely you will rarely feel happy after listening (laughs). I actually would like to write a love song sometime though.
Harui: Life it mostly suffering, but it’s hard everybody not just you.
Inori: Everybody feels differently by looking at the same picture and listening to the same sound. You are free to feel the songs and their meaning in your own way.

Where do you find the inspiration for your lyrics?

Chaos: A lot of lyrics are usually about something I am upset about or some kind of complaint I have. However, as expressing those feelings straight might not be enough I try to build a different story or setting around the original episode that inspired me. Most lyrics have multiple interpretations.
Harui: They mostly come from my imagination ❤️ There are times I get influence and inspiration from episodes and events happening around me though.

What artists or bands have inspired you?

Chaos: I used to be a goth kid, a metalhead when I was younger, and even got obsessed with folk at some point so I should say a lot of different artists inspired me through the years. But older visual kei bands from the 90’s and early 80’s are definitely a major influence for this band.
Inori: I was mostly inspired by the visual kei bands from the 90’s and first half of the 2000’s. But there are bands that I like and that inspire me even in the current generation.

Do you have any travel plans in the future to perform in another country?

Chaos: We do not have plans even though we would really like to visit other countries. Feel free to invite us!
Harui: I guess it depends on our CD’s sales.
Inori: We do not have plans but I wish it would happen in the future.

What are your ultimate goals with Glamscure?

C: World Domination.
H: I am not sure yet, maybe will find out somebody.
I: Secret❤

Lastly, do you have a message for our readers?

Chaos: Please check out our new album on Spotify and such and feel free to purchase it online if you like! I spent days making the booklet and artworks and months recording it so I hope you will enjoy.
Harui: Everybody around the world!! This is Harui!!!!
Inori: I hope more and more people will know about us and like our work★ Please keep supporting us.

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