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Please introduce yourselves to the readers of Summon the Roses

Noku: Nice to meet you! I'm Noku, Guitarist. 

Sakuya: I'm Sakuya, vocalist.

Runa: I'm Runa, bassist

What is the meaning behind GLIM GARDO. How did you come up with the band's name?

Noku: Grimgard" is a coined word. We had the idea to write a song based on the Grimm's fairy tales and that's how we decided on it.

How are you preparing for your upcoming performances on March 24th? 

Runa: Due to Sakuya's illness, he was unable to perform, so we had two vocalists that we know very well support us. Despite the accident, we were able to perform as well as we could, and at the same time, we felt the greatness of Sakuya.

Do you have any plans of releasing a full album in the near future?

Noku: A full album has been one of our goals since we started the band.
Recently we have been working on the music and we hope to release it in the near future.

We are aware that Vocalist Sakuya was hospitalized and he has been discharged and recovering safely
at home. We wish him a happy and fast recovery. How has this situation impacted the band?

Noku: Thank you very much. Sakuya is currently recovering at home, so the band will stop playing live for a while, but we have more time to spend with the members. Now, we are ready to start thinking about what we can do for the future.

Performing under Covid restrictions, has it been challenging for the band?

It's true that the shape of the live performance has changed, with the use of acrylic panels and the maintenance of a social distance, but we don't feel that it has affected us too much, because we are still delivering music to the audience.

What are some bands you would like to tour with if you had the opportunity?  

Runa: We want to play with bands from other genres, not just visual-kei, to reach out to new needs.

Can we expect a full album before the year ends?

Noku: It's difficult to announce a full album, but we hope to release some new songs.

What are some projects you are currently working on?

Sakuya: We are constantly working on songs for our next release.

What are some of your goals as a band for the future?

We want to make GLIMGARDO more known not only in Japan but also abroad. We would like to make a music video and send it out.

Lastly, do you have a message for your fans?

Noku: Thank you for reading to the end. We know that a lot of people don't know about us yet.
If you're interested in our music, we'd love it if you'd check us out on YouTube and other streaming services.

Sakuya: Thank you for all your support. We will continue to release songs, music videos and LIVE activities and we hope you will watch us evolve.

Runa: Whether you like visual-kei or not, we hope you'll give our songs a listen. And if you like us at all, please support us. That's what keeps us going. Thank you very much.


A special thanks to GLIMGARDO and STAFF for allowing us to conduct this interview.


Thursday, September 17, 2020




Can you please introduce yourselves to the readers of Summon the Roses? 

Hi, Readers of Summon the Roses. I'm Jun from EYEZBERG.

Thank you very much for reading our interview. current members are 

Vo Jun

Gt Shizuku

Ba Yuh

Dr Toshi

Can you tell us how you came together to form EYEZBERG? Have you worked on projects together in the past?

First, we were two members me and Shizuku . We didn't want to do mundane music and we are unskilled players

Those happened to hit off. Yuh and Toshi joined later on the past projects were making CD and live activity Nothing special.

How did you decide on your band name EYEZBERG? What is the meaning behind it?

The origin of the name is German. I like the sound of the flower name Iceberg of german

But if the image of the band is the flower, It's too beautiful, so we changed the spelling.

There is no special reason.

Can you describe in a few words the sound of your music?

Our band is V rock and Metal core

The concepts of this band are anti-justice and the meaning of living

Anti-justice is not evil. It is counterarguments to the justice of the present society.

Your last PV was titled "Room". Was it fun filming this music video? How long did it take to complete?

It was so fun, but I acted desperately to convey the pain of the song

It was filmed in Shizuoka, it was near Fuji. It took a whole day including the move

We are currently focusing on Internet distribution.

In the past, what made you want to become a musician and start a band? What motivated to

choose this path?

When I was in middle school, my friend was playing the guitar. That affected me

Music is a cry. This is the only path I can live.

What challenges have you faced as a band since you started your career?

I guess I was poor. 

What is the most amazing thing about being in a Japanese rock band?

I'm proud to speak Japanese natively. I think Japanese is the most beautiful word in the world.

Do you have future plans to perform overseas?

I want to do it if we have the chance.

What message do you have for your fans?

Thank you as always 

We love you.

We want to thank Jun and the rest of the members for allowing us to conduct this beautiful interview and learn more about the band. We hope to speak soon again. 

Friday, April 3, 2020

Interview with Luvielle


Could you please introduce yourselves to the readers of Summon the Roses?

Nice to meet you, we are luvielle.

How did you come up with your band name luvielle?

Because it looked and sounded cool . “Luvielle” itself doesn’t have any particular meaning.

How would you describe your musical concept?

Our band concept is “innocence & ugliness.”It’s trying to express the white “light” of innocence and the dark “shadow” of ugliness.

 You released a single titled "Insane" on February 23rd, what you can tell us about the this single?

This song is 2nd single. We express the white “light” of innocence by 1st single "in tears...", express the dark “shadow” of ugliness by "insane".

What is the meaning behind "Insane" and what message does the lyrics convey?

We express darkness of the mind, negative feelings and broken spirit.We think Everyone keeps this feeling in their heart.

What message do you want to deliver to your fans through your music and lyrics?

 It's Beauty and dirtiness of humans.

Are you currently working on a promotional video?

 No, but we have the idea to make promotional videos in the near future.

Can you tell us what are your current projects?

 We have some projects, however, please be looking forward to as it is a secret.

Lastly, do you have a message for our readers?

 We want to enjoy many listeners Luviell's world only luviell can express. don't miss it!

Luvielle Links:
Official Website

Special thanks to Luvielle and staff for allowing us to conduct this interview

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

ACME INTERVIEW: Band talks about their "West Coast Collision Tour" and Best-of Album.


Thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to answer our questions. Could you please introduce yourselves to the readers of Summon the Roses?

CHISA: I’m the vocalist, CHISA. Hello to all the readers of Summon the Roses!

SHOGO: I’m the guitarist, SHOGO. Nobody can beat the depth of my sound.

RIKITO: I’m the bassist, RIKITO. I don’t have anything interesting to say, but I love interesting things.

HAL: I’m HAL on drums. My favorite food is curry. There’s no food I don’t like.

On January 22nd, you released an indies best-of-album titled WE ARE VISUAL-KEI. The theme for this album is a dark VISUAL-KEI 90s look. What inspired you to revisit this era?

CHISA: We're also focusing on overseas shows, so we wanted to do an album with the title like "We're visual kei!". The 90s style photo came from the idea of "if there was a band called ACME in the 90s" and capturing that image.

SHOGO: We did something that nobody has been doing recently. But the songs are really far from the 90s style (laughs). I think that makes it really interesting.

RIKITO: No matter who you're looking at you'll think that it's visual kei, and even if someone is seeing us for the first time it'll leave an impact so I think it was good that this time we tried something like this.

HAL: Generally speaking, visual kei has this impression of like, dark music, weird singing, syncopation, and so on. But that's not really the case, so we released this album with the concept that it's actually the most free genre. If you listen to it, it'll definitely overturn the image you'd have of it just by looking at the cover art and artist photos.




What track from this album has a special meaning to you?

CHISA: Last Prize. Because the song lyrics have a feeling that I never want to forget.

SHOGO: There’s not really one single song, but rather the album as a whole has a special meaning.

RIKITO: I can confidently recommend each song on the album, so choosing just one is pretty difficult.

HAL: MAGURO KAITAI CHAINSAW was our first single, and I made it with the thought of wanting to convey ACME to the most amount of people possible. At that time, I didn’t expect that we’d be playing in America. Even from now on the possibilities are endless.

You recently had your West Coast Collision Tour in 4 different cities in the United States. How did it feel returning to America to perform?

CHISA: It was awesome! I really love performing in front of the American fans. Also, since there were new fans who could experience ACME's show in America this time I think it was a really meaningful tour.

SHOGO: It was great. Doing a show abroad is like living the dream and you can really do your ideal performance.

RIKITO: I thought that it was really great that the guests who came to this tour were also able to scream and enjoy themselves while they watched us the same as the last time we were here.

HAL: Since I couldn't really communicate with words, I expressed my feelings with music. In all the cities, it seemed like everyone was kind of shy in the beginning, but by the end I think all the members, audience, and staff were all able to get really excited and enjoy the show.

What was the most memorable experience from your West Coast Collision Tour?

CHISA: It was an American road trip, the sky was a different color than Japan and was beautiful. Watching the beautiful scenery while on this journey was fun.

SHOGO: I guess it was when our van got broken into, right? (laughs)

RIKITO: You know, it was the first time in my life to experience a break in so it really left an impression.

HAL: A lot happened, but I’ll never forget getting a huge fever in San Francisco. I was thinking “America is so cold, I’m really shaking” when I noticed that I was the only one shaking, then after that I felt so hot that I thought I would melt. There was a show the next day, so I was worried if I would be able to play properly but the fever went down overnight so I was able to perform well.

What were some of your favorite tracks to perform during this tour?

CHISA: FUHAI MIKAN, I was super excited when Lauren from RHD collaborated with us!



HAL: FUHAI MIKAN. The vocalist Lauren from RHD, the band we were touring with, performed with us and it really hyped up the show. I was able to play drums while thinking “ACME has already reached the world’s standards”.

What are a few differences you notice between your Japanese and American fans?

CHISA: I guess in the way they enjoy the show. I'm the same way, but in Japan there are a lot of shy people so we worry about things like shouting or the way we express ourselves during a show.

SHOGO: The passion. After the shows in America, the first time we did a show back in Japan it really reminded me of our origins.

RIKITO: American fans scream out loudly from the beginning to the very end and really give it their all with their whole body so that kind of thing feels more intense than the Japanese fans.

HAL: In the end, the excitement during the show is different. When American fans are having fun they use their whole bodies to express that feeling, but Japanese fans can't really openly express those feelings. I sometimes get told "I don't know if it's fun". It could be that Japanese people aren't good at expressing their emotions.

Do you have any plans of returning to the US and expanding to other states? East coast tour maybe?

CHISA: I love America, so if there are fans who are waiting for us we definitely want to do it!

SHOGO: If we can do it I want to do it. If we’re able to do it I’ll pray that our schedule isn’t so packed (laughs).

RIKITO: We don’t have another plan to tour yet, but if another offer comes I think we’ll definitely say OK.

HAL: There’s no plan yet, but I have hope. I want to go anywhere where there are people waiting for us.

What do you hope the future will be like for ACME?

CHISA: I want to share this feeling of passion with more and more people!

SHOGO: I hope that ACME can be popular all over the world.

RIKITO: I really think these four people have a lot of potential, so I want to get more people to know ACME's music and I want to connect with more people through ACME's music.

HAL: I want to share the world of ACME with more people so we can be able to do a world tour.

Do you have a special message for your fans?

CHISA: Thanks so much for always supporting us, I’ll fly on a plane to meet you again soon!

SHOGO: To everyone who makes ACME possible, I love you.

RIKITO: ACME is still evolving, so please keep following us and we'll work hard to keep doing even bigger things together with our fans.

HAL: Thank you for reading. From here on out we’ll keep taking you all to various worlds with our music. Please look forward to it!

Summon the Roses wants to give a special thanks to ACME for answering our questions. We will keep on supporting and cheering for you. 

Saturday, December 28, 2019

Shuuen NO Rasetsu INTERVIEW

©Shuuen NO Rasetsu

Could you please introduce yourselves to the readers of Summon the Roses?

We are Shuuen NO rasetsu.
Vo. SAI :This is vocal SAI at Shuuen NO Rasetsu
The most attractive thing is live. Please experience the overwhelming performance and sound.
Gt. Masuo: I'm Masuo playing guitar at Shuuen NO Rasetsu.
Gt. Chihiro: I'm Chihiro who is playing guitar at Shuuen NO Rasetsu

Your music concept are very unique. How would you describe your music to others?

Vo. SAI: It respects traditional visual music and combines modern music.
Gt.Masuo: Musical nature in which light and shadow intersect.
Gt.Chihiro: Vocal melody is a visual system of the 90s, and the music is making modern sounds.

How did you decide on your band name "Shuuen NO Rasetsu"? What is the meaning behind it?

Vo. SAI: The end means "end of life" and "the place of calm". Luo has the meaning of "a monster that cionfuses people"
Enchanting and fascinated people with the world view we create.
Make the place a cozy place. That's why the band was named "Shuuen NO Rasetsu"
Gt. Masuo: "Shuuen" was decided by me and "Rasetsu" was decided by SAI.
The meaning of "Shuuen" means "end of things" and "end of life".
I selected "Shuuen" with the feeling of giving my life to this band.
Gt. Chihiro: Emphasis on impact.

How did you meet and come together to form the band? 

Vo.SAI: This is a gathering of friends for many years.
Gt. Masuo: Friends, including members and support members.
We are close friends even in private.
Gt. Chihiro: We formed together with good friends.


Gt. Masuo

Gt. Chihiro

Your first PV titled "Yubikiri" will be released this upcoming January. What can you tell us about this music video?  

Vo. SAI: We recorded it in a day. I think that I was able to get the most out of the world that I can present now. Please look by all means.
Gt. Masuo: Since this is our first PV, we emphasize the worldview expressed by "Shueen NO Rasetsu"
Gt. Chihiro: Because it was summer, the costumes were hot and difficult, but I was able to make it work.

What story or message are you delivering with "Yubikiri"?

Vo.SAI: I wrote various lyrics of love.
I think that it is possible to avoid straight expressions and to feel various stories depending on the person watching the lyrics.
Gt.Masuo: The song title "Yubikiri means "promise".
When people make promises, various stories are born. I am imagine the situation if you look at the PV you will feel a variety of personal feelings and I think that's fine because each person feels different.

What is the theme for the video? How did you decide on the outfits and aesthetic for the PV?

Vo.SAI: The video theme is "birth". Since we like this style we can only wear black costumes inheriting the visual traditions of Japan.
Gt. Masuo: Our style includes black clothes and fancy makeup and fancy hairstyles.

Are other projects are you currently working on? 

Vo.SAI: Now I spend my days chasing after lyrics and practice.
Gt. Masuo: I am making a song now.
Gt. Chihiro: Currently, I am also in a band called Mob.

What motivates you to write music? Can you tell us about your song writing process?

Vo.SAI: I experienced it in reality and I express it as lyrics.
Gt.Masuo: I am not currently composing for this band but I will working on it soon. I'd like to do my song with this band soon.

Who are your biggest influences in music? What artists/bands would you like to collaborate with?

Gt. Masuo: ZI:KILL, D'ERLANGER. These two bands had a great influence in my childhood. If you are a Vkei band in Europe and you don't know, I would love to hear from you. X JAPAN, LUNA SEA, Dir en grey and others also influenced me.
Gt. Slipknot

What are some of the greatest challenges you have faced as a musician in your life?

Vo.SAI: Level up expressing myself.
Gt.Masuo: I have an experience of deciding to quit music in the past. The decision to quit was the saddest decision of my music life, however while sharing private with this member I decided to play music again.
Gt. Chihiro: Now.

Do you have future plans of a World Tour? What bands would like to visit and perform?

Vo. SAI: America, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, France, there is no border.
Gt. Masuo: USA, FRANCE, ITALY, SWEDEN, FINLAND, AUSTRIA, RUSSIA, INDONESIA, and BRAZIL.  I want to play in various countries. I would like to be on stage with bands influenced by Vkei in various countries.
Gt. Chihiro: I want to be all the fans that want to hear "Shueen NO Rasetsu"

Lastly, what message you have for your fans?

Vo. SAI: Change the world with your favorite music. Thanking you in advance.
Gt. Masuo: I am deeply grateful to the fans all over the world who have already support "Shuuen NO Rasetsu". We will always accept those who know me in this interview. Lets share our world together. and I always care about you to those who doing music activities influenced by Japanese VK around the world. Please do your best.
Gt. Chihiro: Please look forward to making a good sound source.

Official Website: Shuuen NO Rasetsu
Vo. SAI ~ Twitter
Gt. Masuo ~ Twitter
Gt. Chihiro ~ Twitter

Summon the Roses would like to give a huge thanks to Gt. Masuo for allowing us to conduct this interview and to all members and staff who made this interview a possibility. 
©Summon the Roses

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Rumbless. conveys a beautiful aesthetic through sound and music

© Rumbless.

Please introduce yourselves to the readers of Summon the Roses. 

Hello everyone! We are Rumbless.

Roku vocalist, Takaki playing guitar, Sin playing bass and Tva playing drums.

Can you tell us what inspired you to form Rumbless.? Did you know each other prior to forming the band?

Roku and Takaki knew each other through music. We were hoping to do something together someday. Later, Roku’s band broke up, then Takaki brought all of us to just “try something together”. 

As we started making demos in studio, we became confident that the four of us can create something interesting. Ultimately, we decided to form Rumbless. together. As much as we have similar taste in music, we have become teammates that can trust each other.

How did you decide on the band name? What is the meaning behind it?

We combined “Rumble” and “bless” to symbolize our hope – to spread sound. 

Each of us came up with words that represent our goal, and we crossed over those words and decided with Rumbless. in the end.

What motivated you to pursue music as a career?

We ourselves are excited for the music we will create in the future, and if that is something to your liking, then your response will be the source of our motivation.

What makes Rumbless. unique? What separates you from the rest?

Metalcore, electronica, emo, rock, pop, etc... the songs as a whole will adopt different genres, but for the melody, we want to maintain the unique, catchy, and melodious “J-pop” touch. 

Also, we always try to create the sound that only four of us can create.

We can see from your music video nocturne a completely different approach then your previous video release "Catastrophe". Your costumes are more laid back and straightforward. There's a dark green aesthetic provided by the lighting in the video. Who came up with the theme for this video? Does the color green represent a deeper meaning?

As you rightly pointed out, “catastrophe.” and “nocturne.” pursued completely different approach. “catastrophe.” represents the world hidden inside our heart. In comparison, “nocturne.” symbolizes rawness and realism, also with the visuals. 

Tokyo is a city that never sleeps. There are always lights even at night. Each of these lights are full of hopes. However, we see those lights regularly that we have probably become blind to our surroundings even without realizing.

We covered the beautiful city lights on purpose with such intent. 

We chose green because it is the complementary color of red, which was featured in “catastrophe.”. Also, green contrasts the lifeless city. We tried other colors, but green seemed cool. 

Why do you think fans from all over the world connect to Japanese music with such passion and devotion? What do you think helps overcome language as a barrier?

There is interesting culture in each country, and we appreciate that Japanese sensation is shared and sympathized with. We believe music is a universal language, and we hope our fans will continue to receive and share our music.

What artists/bands have inspired you to pursue music?

Each has a unique background, but the common thing is that it has a beautiful melody and a heavy sound. For example, DIR EN GREY, lynch., the GazettE.

You will be performing at Shinjuku Club Science on September 6. How are you preparing for this performance? Are you looking forward to performing in front of your fans?

Of course, we are looking forward to it! We want to release the excitement that we are building now.

What are your future plans with Rumbless.? What do you wish to accomplish together as a band?

We will release our 1st EP on September 6. We can’t share our schedules yet... but we want to bring excitement and “shock”!

What message do you want to give other musicians that are trying to make it in your music field?

We think Japanese “visual style” should be conserved as an important culture.

Even though there is some competition in the music scene, we are fellows from time to time, and we should all strive to send our culture into the world.

We want to know if touring overseas is something that you look forward to? Coming to America a possibility in your future plans?

Rumbless is very much interested in going abroad. Of course, the US, too. If given the opportunity and we are ready, we will definitely go to the US.

What message do you want to give to your fans? 

Unlike before, no matter where in the world you are, we are getting “closer” than ever. (Just like you already know us.) We will be producing even better music, hoping we will get the chance to meet you.

Stay tuned!

A special thanks to Rumbless. and staff for allowing us to conduct this interview

Sunday, December 2, 2018



Could you please introduce yourselves to the readers of Summon the Roses?

We are a Houston, TX based alternative rock band called HIGHDIVE.

What is the origin of your band name HighDive? What is the meaning behind it?

HIGHDIVE came about when tossing around ideas for the band name after we'd written our first single, The Deep End. While being sort of humorously related to the song title, HIGHDIVE to us also means we’re diving in and combining our inspirations drawn form previous acts we’ve all been apart. We all grew up in the same scene, in different bands, but we feel like we've come together and found our a solid sound with these new songs.

How long have you known each other? How did the band members meet?

Three of the four of us grew up in the same area and went through school together, but playing music in other bands ultimately brought us all together. 

Can you tell us about your music genre and the composition of your music?

We describe ourselves as an alternative rock band to leave it open ended for listeners, but all of us as individuals have eclectic musical influences so it's difficult to put ourselves in a box. I think as a band we have a mentality of “If its good, Its good”.

Could you briefly describe your music-making process?

We are all songwriters so it gets interesting. If one of us has an melody or riff idea, we'll usually record it on a voice memo with our phone and send it to everyone else for feedback, and then we'll hash out the structures and arrangements when we get together in our jam room. 

You recently released your album Forget I Called, can you tell us about the composition of this album?

This album began with Kyle writing some songs in a new style and then bringing them to the rest of us to compliment them. We quickly noticed that we were onto something good so we ran with it. Forget I Called is the product of that. 
What feelings are you trying to express through this album?

Music inspires us to share life experiences and stories that involve everyday emotions and hardships that everyone can relate to in some way.
Do you have a favorite track from this album?

We're always changing our minds on this topic. Kyle's has consistently said that he is most emotionally attached  to "Watch Your Back" and the rest of the guys usually say "Nightmare". Our mutual favorite song to play live at the moment is track 8, "Hold The Door". 

What mood do you want to set when performing in front of an audience?

Playing live gives us the opportunity to add energy to the emotions of our songs. We pride ourselves on performing in a way that leaves our listeners wanting more while portraying real life emotions. There’s a certain feeling pertaining to our live shows that you can’t get just from listening to the album. Our live shows are, and will always be about energy and emotion.

What are some of your major influences? Who inspires you in your music career?

As I mentioned before, we all have drastically different musical tastes and influences. But the bands that we compare our sound to when asked to do so are Mayday Parade, Jimmy Eat World and With Confidence. If you asked us each who our musical spirit animal was, we'd say Kyle's is John Mayer, Brian's is the Misfits, Collin's is Angels & Airwaves, and Zach's is Jimi Hendrix.
What has been your biggest challenge as a band? Have you been able to overcome challenges you have faced?

We're still very new, and thankfully haven't faced any large challenges so far. Prior to our last tour, we had travel arrangements lined up that ended up falling through the day before we were scheduled to leave. We were able to borrow a pickup truck and rent a trailer for the first stint, and then after crunching numbers and lots of "we can do make it work" thinking, we were able to rent a van to finish out the tour. This minor setback motivated us to be extremely frugal on the road which, in turn allowed us to maximize on promotion, interaction and performing and brought us closer as people.
Do you have any memorable performances you would like to share with us?

During our last tour in August, we played acoustically in multiple Urban Outfitters locations across the country. These performances were intimate and enjoyable for us, and we got to meet a ton of cool people as well.


What are your future plans with HighDive? 

We have lots of plans for 2019, including new music, lots of touring and some other fun things we can't quite mention yet. Stay on the look out for another little treat before the end of this year as well!

Lastly, do you have a message for our readers? 

We just want to thank all of our family and friends for being so supportive thus far and helping us accomplish more in the last 6 months with this band than we ever could've otherwise. If you're a new listener, please help us spread the message of love, heartbreak and facing difficulty by sharing our music with someone you think might enjoy. You can find "Forget I Called" on all streaming platforms and our music videos on YouTube.

Special thanks to HIGHDIVE and Staff for allowing us to conduct this interview

Wednesday, November 7, 2018



Can you please introduce yourself to the readers of Summon the Roses?

I am a singer and songwriter who moved to NY from Japan on this January.
I have been working for Japanese Pop and Anime music industry for over decade,
have created many hits including 11 Gold Disks in my country.
But I felt Japanese market is getting more and more limited, less new opportunities because Japan's population itself is getting decrease these years. So I decided to challenge with "Share the American Dream Project" in order to encourage people, that we can still be brave.
At what age did you decide to become a singer and what made you want to choose singing as your professional career?

I started singing and song writing to be a singer when I was 7.
I was Asperger, had no friends, never be interested in others besides my own creative world.
But one day I found the other people and time stopped perfectly when I sang in public for the first time!
(And it happened every time I sang after that!!) It was stunning moment.
It was my first moment which I connected to other people.

Can you tell us about the music that you perform and write? How would you describe it in a few words?

My music is "borderless". My first priority is "melody" can move the emotion of listeners.
How would you describe your life as a professional singer? What challenges do you face, and how do you overcome them?

My life was try and error and progress with huge motivation. And was very funny story. I just wanted to be a singer first.
But it was difficult. So tried to be a J-Pop singer songwriter next.
But it was also difficult, but could be a professional studio singer. But I couldn't give up to be an artist.
Then I made my major debut as an Anime singer songwriter. I was small success but didn't last long unfortunately.
So I tried to succeed as a song writer. I achieved it! My career grew up year by year.
But I couldn't be satisfied because still longed for being successful as an artist.

I restarted my activity as an artist but I found it's difficult in Japan, because Japanese tend to hate strong character of female artist. They want female artists to be very soft, cute, like next-door type of appearance and personality.
Producer advised me that I had to casual-down, soften and weaken whole my image or character.
But it's not like me! I am so powerful woman and I am proud of my own strong personality!
Then I decided to try "American Dream". Many paths of failure lead me to here finally like a RPG fantasy story.

You released an album titled Angel in the Garden on 2018.8.12. What can you tell us about the composition of this album?

This EP is composed by 2 of my latest songs after moving to NY and 3 of my oldest songs which I wrote 16 years ago.
It represents my musical life from Japan to NY.
I mixed up whole my experiences as my original way of Americanized J-Pop through new life in NY,
and renewed 3 oldest songs which was difficult to be accepted in J-Pop at that time because they were too academic.
(They are based on classical and include gospel or jazzy elements. But gospel never can be hit in Japan, so producers forbid me to write like those music.) Actually I became successful by trying harder to make my music to be easier and more pop.

But I found my original music can fit to NY because NY is gospel, jazz and broadway place.
Then I renewed the them with NY musicians. So you can see my unique musical history through this first EP in U.S.
What current projects are you working on at the moment?

I am preparing for promoting this EP
and am creating a base environment for the next stage.
I also have a project which can teach American children the Japanese language through my music.
How would you describe your life in NYC? Do you find the big city to be an influence in your music?

It's JUNGLE!! So fun and dangerous. lol
Life in NY makes me tougher every time I got something new experiences.
Never be bored to find new topics to learn. But not just difficult, I get huge encouragement from how NY people react to my music or performance! It proves my idea and encourage me so much every time.
You sing and write songs as well as play the piano, do you have any other talents or play other musical instruments?

I also want to be an actor. It has been a big dream since I was 7! I used to play trumpet when I was child but no other instruments for now unfortunately.
What inspires you to write music? What motivates you when writing a new song?

To encourage people and to give messages of love through my life.
What musicians/artists have influenced you on your music career?

Beethoven , Japanese Anime songs (80's ),Yoko Kanno, Laura Nyro.
What are some of your favorite hobbies when you're not working on music?

Reading books in a bath tub!! Learning philosophy. Finding pretty cafes. Talking about love and soul.
Can you tell us about your best qualities as a J-POP singer? What are some unique aspects about yourself you would like to share with us?

I think it's a powerful existence. People are always surprised at my energy through my performance.
They describe it as "Shihori's singing shakes heart physically!!". I think it's not matter of skills, good or bad, beyond the logical. But I do on purpose. It's my big secret.

Do you have any exciting plans for the holidays?

The best thing is music. So it's been like every day is holiday!
What goals do you have for this upcoming year 2019?

Finish creating the environment for creation. Socialized to find partners for success in here.
Create new songs.
Finally, do you have a message for our readers?  

I am very new to U.S. and don't have specific career yet but I have many wonderful idea that can make you surprise!! So don't miss my adventure.

A special thanks to Shihori for allowing us to conduct this interview