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Interview with "Neosexual" Rock duo from Japan ADAMS!

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Summon the Roses had the pleasure of interview "Neosexual" rock duo from Japan ADAMS. Check out our awesome interview with these two awesome Jrockers who are impacting the world with their amazing talent. The duo announced that they will perform at North Carolina’s Ichibancon on January 1st, 2016, and will put on a  New Year’s Eve show in Tennessee, USA. More information will be released soon and we will keep you updated.

Could you introduce yourselves to the readers of Summon the Roses?

Hello, we are ADAMS, a “Neosexual” rock duo from Japan.

Can you explain to us what  is the meaning of ADAMS and the main reason why you decided to form?

We decided to form ADAMS after a first experience together in another band. We played together, but it didn’t last. So we decided to create something new. At first it was supposed to be a solo project for ADAM (the vocalist), and I (Shota) was the producer. But finally, as I’m also a guitarist, we formed a duo, and we chose this specific concept. The name “ADAMS” comes from the Genesis, the story of Adam and Eve. We are “ADAM”, but actually we are 2, so we are “ADAMS”, and we share an universal love with “EVES”. EVES are, actually, our fans. This is for the concept.

I think I must be clear and honest: I’m a musician, and I want to spread my music. But all over the world, you can find great (and unknown) music. You go on Youtube, there if you type ANY keyword, you can find good music. The only way to be really “listened” is to find a specific market, a “free spot” in the music industry. It’s what we did with ADAMS. We have a specific concept, we are boys with makeup, using a BL imagery, we have something original, different, “wrong”. So it’s interesting. I think. And I think it’s the only way to make the difference with the other bands… I do that for everything. When I chose the title “Dizzy Love”, it was important for me to create a new expression. “Dizzy Love” was never used before…

Can you explain the term NEOSEXUAL for those who are not familiar with it?

For us, NEOSEXUAL means “across genders”. We share a message of love which is a universal feeling, whatever your gender, identity, sexuality. This is how we feel love and music should be.

You want to express love through your music and lyrics. Why do you feel expressing love is so important?

Love is everywhere. Everything in the world is only about love.

How do you collaborate with each when composing songs?

Shota: I write all the music and most of the lyrics. ADAM wrote also some lyrics. Actually I compose and record most of the tracks, then we add ADAM’s vocals. It’s very simple. I like to compose and create alone, in my studio.

Can you talk a little bit about your most recent album SEXPLOSION. What feelings and emotions are you trying to express through this album?

SEXPLOSION is our most danceable album. We wanted to add some club/dance sound to our work, and also some “dangerous” feeling. That’s why both sound and lyrics are strong and deep.

You have an outstanding fan-base. What do you think fans love most about ADAMS?

Shota: Our fanbase is a mix between visual kei fans and BL (Boys Love) fans. Step by step we gather other types of people but at first, I clearly targeted this 2 groups of people, especially in Japan. They are hot scenes, both. Always looking for originality and new trends. That’s why I chose to express art and music in these specific scenes. They like us because we offer something different and an original concept, and also because we reach them with our message. Love is universal!

Who has been your greatest influence in the music industry?

Clearly Kiyoharu (Kuroyume), for both of us.

What goes through your mind when you're performing in front of your fans?

We always want to give the best. We receive very warm feelings while on stage, smiling faces, sometimes crying from joy, it’s an achievement and a great satisfaction.

What is your favorite atmosphere when writing a song?

Shota: I need to be alone, in silence, in my room. With sometimes a glass of bourbon, and that’s all. I create mostly at night.

Is there a special song that brings deep memories into your mind?

Dizzy Love, our first song, because it reminds us the beginning of our project and the first steps. It’s our main song and the “entrance” to our world.

Can you explain to us a little bit about your fashion style and what are some of your favorite brands?

ADAM is a big fan of Vivienne Westwood. I wear it too, especially for the accessories, but I’m more casual. My style never changed with the time: classic, stylish, white and black mostly.

What are some projects that you have in mind for the future?

We will release a best of album at the end of 2015, featuring new songs and remixes. We will work with some DJ’s and producers from Japan. Among them is KALM, a great composer active in the electro and VK scene. We’ll promote this CD, called “Original Love”, all around the world.

What has been ADAMS greatest achievement so far?

Our international activities, probably. This is clearly not something we planned at the beginning, but it came by “accident” and grew fast.

Do you have any plans of performing in American anytime soon?

Yes, we’ll be there for New year. For now we plan 2 shows in Tennessee and North Carolina but we expect more! We also hope to go back to Mexico and play in Latin America.

Do you have a message for your devoted fans?

Thank you for reading us, and please come to meet us on tour! Love!

We would like to give a special thanks to ADAMS and Aurelie Vandecasteele for making this interview a possibility. Make sure to follow ADAMS's official Twitter account

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