Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Summon the Roses interview with The Gallo on the release of their new album "LUCIFERO".


Can you please introduce yourselves to the readers of Summon the Roses?

Jojo: I'm a vocalist, Jojo.
Wajow: My name is Wajow, playing guitar on the right side of the stage.
Kaede: I'm Kaede, play drums.
Andy: Gallo's base, Andy.
Nov: Nov, the guitarist.

You will be releasing a single titled "Lucifer-EP-" on September 10th. Can you tell us abou the title of this single and what it represents?

Jojo: "LUCIFERO" means the "devil" in Italian. It's a single cut from Gallo's new album "LUCIFERO" so it's called "LUCIFERO-EP-"

What can the fans expect from this new single titled "LUCIFERO-EP-" what do you want your fans to feel when listening to this new single?

Jojo: I would appreciate if you feel the glimpse of the masterpiece.
Wajow: Gallo's attraction, fun, oddities, possibility, flexibility, and rarity.
Andy: Potentiality of the Gallo.
Nov: I think how you feel is most important so please listen and feel it by yourself.
Kaede: I would like you to feel one and only music and artist exists also in overseas.

You will be releasing an album as well on November 9th, with the same title as your single "LUCIFERO". Can you tell us about the composition of this album?

Jojo: A Beelzebub collection.

Where did you find inspiration for this new album? Do you feel this album will head the band in a new direction?

Jojo: Inspiration from the Greater East Asia War. The Gallo's new world has predicted the dawn of this album and I believe we succeeded to put an end on this theme in a good sense.

Do you have a personal favorite song in this new album you will be releasing?

Jojo, Kaede, Andy, Wajow: MAOU-YAMIUTA-
Nov: All of them.

Aside from this new album you will be releasing in Autumn, do you have any further plans for the ending of the year 2016?

Kaede: Yes, our member's birthday live in December and several important joint gigs with intimate bands too, but we're already looking ahead to the next year 2017, one-man tour in Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo.

What Jrock or international bands or artists have inspired you in your music career?

Andy: L'Arc~en~Ciel, RANCID
Kaede: If I choose only international artists, The Cranberries, The Police, No Doubt, Cocteau Twins, and so on...really countless.
Wajow: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Nov: Various artists...but hide of X Japan inspired to start guitar.

Fans are amazed by your outstanding style and costumes. Tell us about the process of choosing your next look for a new album? Do you design your own costumes?

Jojo: I decided basic design, then construct with the members preferences and considering whole balance.

Fans are really curious about the future plans of The Gallo. Any plans of a world tour?

Kaede: We're ready anytime if you invite us! We're waiting for the opportunity.
Even if it's only a few to start, may become big urge, I believe your desire could reach out to a big event or festivals for us to play!

Lastly, do you have a message for your fans?

Jojo: From Empire of Japan, we will deliver the spirit of music which cannot be imitated by a third party.
Kaede: It may be an underground scene, but we're doing the band with pride.
Looking forward to see overseas fans some day! Thanks for your support!
Andy: Thank you for your continuous support for the GALLO.
Wajow: The Gallo is no the band just listen to the CDS, the band to have fun at a live together. We'll try our best to be able to come and see you someday. We appreciate your support too!
Nov: I love you all

The GALLO's new album LUCIFERO will be distributed on iTunes on November 9th!

Summon the Roses would like to thank The GALLO band members and the staff for allowing us to conduct this interview!

©Summon the Roses 2016

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  1. Great interview. Thank you very much THE GALLO!