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Interview with Lacroix Despheres

©Lacroix Despheres

Summon the Roses interview with vocalist and composer of Lacroix Despheres. 

Can you introduce yourselves to the readers of Summon the Roses?

Hi! I'm Sho, the vocalist and composer of Lacroix Despheres. Thank you for the offer of an interview.

How did you all come together to form the band?

Lacroix Despheres was formed in 2006 by lead vocalist Sho and soprano vocalist Saya.“Visual Kei band can become a composite art.” Based on this belief, we start this band and perform the live that fused the theatrical art such as opera or musical theater and a Visual Kei bands. I graduated from Kunitachi College of Music with a bachelor's degree in Classical Composition. When I was in College, I formed Lacroix Despheres.

Please tell us about your band name Lacroix Despheres. What is the meaning and how did you come up with this name?

Lacroix Despheres are two french words "La croix des sphéres" meaning "The cross of the sphere"We wish that the concepts of  "soprano and male vocal", "band sound and orchestra sound","rock music and classical music"and "the melody and the dialog" to turn into a cross and our band to fly and spreading all over the world.

Can you please tell us about your musical concept which is absolutely beautiful. How did you all come up with the idea of incorporating these instruments into the band?

The instrumentation of our music is a rock band and the full orchestra. By rock band and orchestra come together, it allows more variety of musical expression. The reason why there are flutist and oboist in our band is that there was the fatal encounter with them.

Who is the main composer of the band? How do you collaborate with each other when composing music?

Our music has been composed by Sho. Like classical music, the phrase of all musical instruments is made by him, and the member receives a sheet of music and a demo track. The member plays music written to a sheet of music by each interpretation and expresses it. Unexpected expression is often born, and it is one of the pleasure of the music.

Do you consider your musical concept to be somewhat romantic?

Because I love romantic music, I think there is the such kind of element in the music of Lacroix Despheres.
The artwork of your albums are truly beautiful. Can you please tell us about your artwork. Who designs all the artwork for your albums?

Thank you very much. All artwork has been created by me and Saya. After determining the concept and direction in discussions with Saya, Saya will draw a rough sketch. In the case of design illustrations tone, Saya has been produced using a pen tablet. For collage art and the final layout, I have produced using Photoshop and Illustrator.

What was the most difficult part about forming the band? What obstacles did you come across?

It was most difficult to find the band members. There are few people who can play the role of the story on stage while playing the symphonic metal. Now, I am very happy to be able to work together with the splendid members.

Your costumes are stunning. Can you tell us about your image concept?

Thank you very much. Our costume has the motif of Europe after the Renaissance era that is the stage of the story "Dernier Paradis".
The vocals are impressive. Did you receive prior vocal training before forming the band, or were you born with this talent?

I started to study classical singing methods when I was in high school. I've learned the vocalization and expression techniques, but my voice was given from my parents.

Do you have an specific ritual before a live performance?

Before we go up on stage, we formed a circle with all our members and staffs, and pumped up. In addition, at the venue before the curtain, "The Concerto for Organ, Timpani and Strings in G minor" composed by Francis Poulenc is flowing in background.

What artists/bands have inspired you in your musical journey?

There are a lot of great artists and bands, I've learned many important things from them. For example, X Japan taught me coolness of the band music, and MALICE MIZER taught me the possibility of the Visual Kei band. In addition, I learned the influence that music gave theatrical art through Andrew Lloyd Webber and Wagner, and I was taught the rich sound of the orchestra by Maurice Ravel.

Where does the inspiration for your lyrics come from? Are your lyrics telling a story? Or are they based on personal experiences?

All the lyrics of Lacroix Despheres are contents along the original story "Dernier Paradis”. I got an idea from historic facts, people and books, and wrote this story.

What dreams you have for Lacroix Despheres? What are your goals?

I want to prove that the Visual Kei band which is Japan's original culture can reach to a level of the composite art. For this purpose, we will produce various stories and perform it as Lacroix's rock opera in future. And I want to see that a lot of bands or musical companies perform our rock opera all over the world.

What projects are you working at the moment?

We are making the album "Dernier Paradis act3". Schedule has been delayed than originally planned, but because we work hard in order to better work, please look forward to it.

Do you have a world tour in mind?

Of course yes! Already we have received an offer from some countries of South America and Europe. We are looking for more partners who will support the overseas performances.

Lastly, do you have a message for your devoted fans?

Thank you for always supporting us. I am very glad that you find us in this large world. The message from you in the Twitter, Facebook and any other SNS makes me very happy and more creative. We can make our work simply because there is you.  In other words, it means that you make our work with us. When more people know Lacroix Despheres and support us, we can make a more splendid work and realize world tour! Let's realize the dream together!!!

We would like to give a special thanks to Mariana Madalina and Sho for making this interview a possibility. 

©Summon the Roses

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